Honor Earth Farm

Certified Organic Hazelnuts



Organic by Oregon Tilth




-- Native American elder

Honor Earth Farm aspires to bring forward the

wisdom of indigenous cultures, and their respect

for the Earth, into our farm and food production

practices of the present and future.

Our farm reflects our values:


          Treating the Earth as we would treat ourselves


          Promoting Diversity:  Both biological diversity

          on the farm as well as human diversity


          Being open about our growing practices and

          helping other farmers learn organic methods



Welcome to Honor Earth Farm!

We are a small organic farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest.   We grow premium organic hazelnuts available here on our website, along with organic vegetables and berries available at local farmers markets.   Our organic hazelnuts surprise everyone at market for their fresh flavor, perfect roast, and dense nutritional content.  We enjoy helping people become re-acquainted with how important nuts are in your daily diet, providing healthy fats, protein, and a rich diversity of trace minerals in a very small package.  If you want to eat a healthy diet, choosing organic food goes without saying!   If you believe like we do that caring for the soil, water, air and other life that thrives on our farm can coexist with healthy food production, you are in the right place!   It's your choice -- you get to decide which type of agriculture you want to support with every food purchase you make.   Join us in being the change we wish to see in this land we love, on this beautiful planet we all call home!