Honor Earth Farm

Certified Organic Hazelnuts



Organic by Oregon Tilth





The Farm

Our farm got its start in 2008 and spent the first two years in cleanup and transition to organic status after three years of neglect.  The hazelnuts were certified organic in 2010.  The farm name is drawn from our love of the natural world and our deep sense of respect for all life.  We work towards a renewal of a spiritual connection with our food and the place it comes from.  Linda Perrine is the farmer/owner and a 2002 graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Organic Farm & Garden apprenticeship.  Prior to 2008, she taught environmental education at Walden West Outdoor School in Saratoga, CA.  Linda also helped launch Full Circle Farm, a non-profit educational organic farm in Sunnyvale, CA.  This project returned 11 acres of public school property back to farming, its former use prior to being converted to a school.

The Practice

We feed our crops only healthy organic fertilizers, soil amendments and pest controls.  We have placed bat boxes and swallow boxes around the orchard to help control the filbert moth/worm.  We place 30 pheramone traps in the orchard every summer to confuse the mating of the filbert moth.  In order to reduce their numbers further, we spray an organic spinosad soil bacterial spray.  We are expected to keep the worm damage low in order to have our nuts accepted for processing, but we also strive to find the balance necessary to maintain other insect life in the orchard.  One way we do this is to do our spraying at night to minimize contact with other insects active in daytime.   We have observed a diverse variety of insect life the morning after spraying for filbert moth, and yet it does seem to keep the filbert worm damage under the necessary control.  We learn more about this process every year!

Honor Earth Farm is located 10 miles southeast of Eugene, Oregon along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. We farm a 32 acre hazelnut orchard and an acre of mixed tree fruit and berries.  The hazelnut orchard was planted in 1994 to two main varieties:  Casinas, a tan-colored, thin-shelled variety  prized by candy makers for its round kernels; and Willamettes, a medium sized nut with a beautiful red/brown shell looking like the traditional filbert.


The orchard is comprised of ~3500 trees (108 trees/acre) and has the added benefit of removing 20 lbs of CO2/tree from the atmosphere.  In total, our orchard is removing 35 tons of CO2 annually and our farm produces 5 tons of CO2 (tractor and vehicle emissions). So our farm is a carbon dioxide sink!

[The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) assumes a yearly absorption of one tree of approximately 10kg (20lb.) carbon dioxide emissions.]


We share our land with many other wildlife.  Our wildlife visitors have included: coyotes, pheasants, deer, raccoons, rabbits, elk, quail, blue herons, many hawk and bird varieties, nesting black hornets, and overwintering ladybugs, to name a few.  After the harvest season (November), we are a stopping point for migrating wood ducks who gorge on leftover nuts as a preferred high energy food source for their long trip south.

The Crops

We grow a diversity of fruit in addition to the hazelnuts.  Our fruit is primarily sold at local farmers markets in the Eugene area.  Our crop list incldudes:



Strawberries, Marion Berries, Red Raspberries,

Black Raspberries, Logan Berries


Tree Fruit:

Apples: Hudson Golden Gem, HoneyCrisp, Akane, Liberty, Pink Lady, Spitzenberg, Ashmead's Kernel, Jona Gold

Pears : Shinseki, Comice

Peaches: Suncrest, Late Suncrest


All of our crops are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.