Farm Practices

We feed our crops only healthy organic fertilizers, soil amendments and pest controls.  We have placed bat boxes and swallow boxes around the orchard to help control the filbert moth/worm.  We place 30 pheramone traps in the orchard every summer to confuse the mating of the filbert moth.  In order to reduce their numbers further, we spray an organic spinosad soil bacterial spray.  We are expected to keep the worm damage low in order to have our nuts accepted for processing, but we also strive to find the balance necessary to maintain other insect life in the orchard.  One way we do this is to do our spraying at night to minimize contact with other insects active in daytime.   We have observed a diverse variety of insect life the morning after spraying for filbert moth, and yet it does seem to keep the filbert worm damage under the necessary control.  We learn more about this process every year!