Farm Location

Honor Earth Farm is located 10 miles southeast of Eugene, Oregon along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. We farm a 32 acre hazelnut orchard and an acre of mixed tree fruit and berries.  The hazelnut orchard was planted in 1994 to two main varieties:  Casinas, a tan-colored, thin-shelled variety  prized by candy makers for its round kernels; and Willamettes, a medium sized nut with a beautiful red/brown shell looking like the traditional filbert.

The orchard is comprised of ~3500 trees (108 trees/acre) and has the added benefit of removing 20 lbs of CO2/tree from the atmosphere.  In total, our orchard is removing 35 tons of CO2 annually and our farm produces 5 tons of CO2 (tractor and vehicle emissions). So our farm is a carbon dioxide sink! [The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) assumes a yearly absorption of one tree of approximately 10kg (20lb.) carbon dioxide emissions.]